Philodendron are an easy to love family of houseplants. Like all plants, they require water, light and feeding. But, philodendron immediately communicate their quality of care with their appearance.  


They like bright, indirect sunlight. Older leaves will yellow, but multiple leaves yellowing at once suggests too much sunlight. If the stems have sparse foliage that is a sign of too little light. Keep them in a bright room where the sun isn't beaming directly on them and they do just fine. 


Stick your finger an inch down into the soil, if it is still wet do not water. If it is dry, thorough watering is required. If you see leaves start to droop, suspend watering for a while and let the soil dry. Philodendrons are amazing because they tend to not be offended when you over water them. Give them some time to dry and they recover like it never happened. 



Philodendrons like to be fed monthly during the warmer months and every six to eight weeks during the winter. If you find that your plant growth is stagnant, that is a tell-tale sign of malnutrition. They thrive and grow very quickly when they receive the appropriate macro-nutrients. 

Philodendron are a great starter plant for new enthusiasts.