Ficus Tineke

Ficus Tineke "Rubber Plant"

The good news is, rubber plants are beautiful and always a great addition to any indoor jungle... the great news is, they require a lot of love. These plants will keep you on your on toes. 

  • Rubber plants prefer moist soil and planters with great drainage. When you water, water thoroughly but make sure any excess drains from the bottom of the planter. 
  • Areas that are too dark will create leaf loss and areas that are too bright don't allow them to thrive. Partial shade is their preferred environment. Think well lit living room with a shady corner. 
  • Humidity is important. Try to mist your rubber plant often if it lives in a space with heated air. Humidifiers are also great if don't mind having one running. 
  • Water with luke warm water and limit your watering during the winter months. 
  • If your leaves start to yellow, that is tell-tale sign of over-watering.
  • Do you have a young Rubber Plant? If so, the roots prefer a high phosphorus fertilizer to stimulate development. Older plants, meaning those that are producing lots of foliage, prefer a high nitrogen fertilizer.  Feed them once a month during growth to stimulate healthy foliage development.
  • Try not to prune, they don't need that. Dead leaves fall off on their own. 

With the right amount of light and a lot of love, your rubber plant will become the focal point of your space. If you are looking for a way to stimulate your mind, establish a routine and practice commitment, this is the plant for you.